My Portfolio

After completing my Ride & Show Engineering internship with the Predictive & Reliability Engineering team at Walt Disney World, I accepted a Programmer position at Publix Information Systems.

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Current Projects...
Learning 🤓

Currently, I am gaining experience connecting a data visualization JavaScript framework that uses the Model View View-Model design pattern with a MVC PHP framework for authentication and backend development.


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Project Repositories

Teach Ready is a membership subscription resource for educators built using Laravel and Braintree-a subsidiary of PayPal.

Amharic Pod is a language learning collection offering both podcasts and resources for the semitic language Amharic. I tried using Susy - layout engine and custom grid framwork - for this project.

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I enjoy launching ideas from scratch and the business side of how web technologies answer business needs.

Smaller projects I've built using Google Maps API, Wikipedia API, JavaScript & Python:
Central Florida (KnockoutJS)
Favorite Movies (Python)
I also have some experience with SEO optimization, Google Adwords, and Bing Ads.
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Learning & Collaboration

I enjoy learning, improving, and collaborating. I have two very energetic toddlers, who are eventually going to the NBA...though they don't know it yet! 👍

Let's build together!